Created Aug 15, 2011

EatThe Press - Don't Read It!

Biracial, bipedal, bibolar, bisexual: Black from the waist down where it counts; White from the waist up where it doesn't. I was once like you, now I am not. more

Eat The Press - Don't Read It! The content is worthless! The value is in the pulp when you EAT IT, so, Eat It, Michael! Don't Beat It. That is so passé!

"Eat the Press-Don't Wipe Your Bun With It" is REAL FAKE NEWS, not fake, Fake news like FOX TV FAUX NEWS. We are so fake, we just make sh*t Up!

Located just a sharp right turn from Commonsense in lovely, but, nearly all torn down Mildew, Ohio, where there are no jobs because Calcified Conservative, Born Upside Down & Backwards Republicans sent them all overseas to COMMUNIST CHINA!

But, that is OK with the folks, here, in Mildew, Ohio, because we are just a bunch of Left Leaning Liberals that don't know how to work anyhow. We just love that "FREE" government cheese.

As always, we remain, "Unfair and Unbalanced", reporting the news one lie at a time!

Making America Grate On Everyone's Nerves! One Lie At A Time!


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